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With over 265 million users each month, Pinterest is a marketplace full of potential customers who are ready to BUY. A whopping 84% of them use Pinterest when deciding to purchase a product, while 98% of them already tried or bought something new through Pinterest.

In other words – your future loyal customers are already waving their credit cards around, waiting for you to give them a reason to buy. With the right tool that gives you a 100% insight into top-performing conversion strategies, you can milk them dry and leave them wanting more. 😳


Familiar advertising features that could sky-rocket your ROI

Pinterest features similar advertising tools you’re already familiar with from other platforms such as Facebook. So, no further learning and getting to know your tools – just
find your competitors’ most successful conversion funnels
and turn them into your advantage.

Pinterest Tag

Ever heard of the Facebook Pixel? Then you already know the Tag feature! A perfect tool for remarketing campaigns that boost your ROI. Don’t let any customer leave your Shopify store without a purchase.

Actalike Audience

Same as the Facebook’s “lookalike” feature – the easiest way to scale your promotional campaigns. Let Pinterest find your future customers by searching for people with similar interests as your most loyal buyers.

Video Promoted Pins

With the world rapidly shifting to dynamic video content, Video Promoted Pins are like well-oiled conversion machines. Catch the potential users’ eyes and wallets with your top performing Facebook video ads.



See for yourself - these stores are KILLING it on Pinterest!


Estimated Visits: 826.600 (

94.27% traffic comes from Pinterest


Shopify dropshipping store for women’s clothing is absolutely crushing it as we speak. As you can see from the screenshot above they are scaling generating tons of traffic just from Pinterest.




Adnalytics is developed by experienced media buyers and eCommerce experts. After spending millions of dollars on Facebook, Pinterest, Google. Natives, Pops and YouTube we know what are the needs of a modern marketer like you are.

Step 1

Enter your competitor’s website or your niche relevant keywords to get started. You can search based on the URL or keywords that appear in title and ad copy.

Step 2

Narrow the results down to your competition and get insight into performing ads. Analyze your competitors’ advertising creatives and working funnels.

Step 3

Use collected information to create tailor-made ads that answer to your target audience’s pain points and run some profitable ads.

Adnalytics' Features

Find your inspiration in your competitors’ best-selling ads

Search through the promoted pins in your niche and find exactly what you’re looking for. Use Adnalytics’ features to narrow down your search and display only the content you find relevant for your current needs.

Most popular Shopify Pinterest ads are always just a click away. You’ll be surprised how many sellers still make a fortune with dropshipping – display all of them neatly in one place with a single click. Choose the ones in your niche and copy their top-performing advertising tactics to turn their success into your profit.

  • Discover dropshipping stores
  • Find best selling products
  • Unveil top performing ads
  • Uncover most engaging creatives

See the hottest ads 🔥

Sort the search results according to the number of pin saves and see the hottest ads to copy with just one click.

See the most recent ads by sorting the results according to when the ad was last seen and how long it was active.

The longer the run time – the higher the chance that the ad will be super profitable.


Identify your competitors 🕵

Search among the most successful Pinterest advertisers. Filter your search by domain, ad title, ad description, and landing page content – soon. Find your competition and gain in-depth analysis of the best-selling promoted pins in your industry.

  • Discover dropshipping stores
  • Find best selling products
  • Unveil top performing ads
  • Uncover most engaging creatives

Adnalytics Detailed Insight

With Adnalytics’ detailed insight into your competition’s most profitable ads, you can study your target group, find out what makes them BUY and milk them dry.

  • Deep dive analysis of Promoted Pins
  • Study creatives & landing pages
  • Exclude big brands
  • Analyze only active Promote Pins


As you can see Pinterest Promoted Pins are high-converting ads and that’s why not many marketers are talking about it.

So, don’t miss the boat and be among the first to tap into this massive source of potential buyers.

Make your audience want what you’re selling like a fat kid wants his cake!

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