🛠8 tools and resources every (good) Pinterest Advertiser should use

No matter which platform you use, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., advertising is always tricky, and the same goes for Pinterest. Thankfully, there are tools and resources provided, that can make your job a bit easier.  Here’s 8, that every aspiring Pinterest advertiser should use.

1. Pinterest Business Newsletter

Sign up for the Pinterest Business Newsletter, and get your updates! Not exactly a tool, but still a valuable resource. Subscribe to Pinterest’s official business newsletter and get info on the latest features first hand.

2. Pinterest Tag Helper

Install the Pinterest Tag Helper – a Google Chrome extension that helps you ensure that your Tag is properly set up.

The extension verifies that both the Pinterest Tag and Enhanced Match are receiving the correct data and passing that information back to Pinterest so that you can more accurately report on your results. Think Facebook Pixel Helper – but for Pinterest.

3. Pinterest Widget Builder

Add buttons and widgets to your app or website.

Add the Save or Follow button and Pin, Profile and Board widgets to give people more ways to interact with your Pinterest account from your website.

4. The Pinterest Developers Platform

Developers Platform offers you all the data and access necessary, to create an app that Pinners can download directly from Pinterest. The Platform also offers you constant support, so whenever you’ll need help, just send them a message.

5. Official Pinterest Analytics

The Pinterest Analytics tool can help you measure pin performance, traffic referrals, follower growth and learn more about what your customers want. Basically, your go to place for analyzing your campaigns.

Pinterest Analytics is Pinterest’s free tool. The only thing you’ll need is a business account to use it.

6. Pinterest Marketing Partners

Pinterest Marketing Partners is a list of established experts and agencies, that are Pinterest approved and will help advertisers create more effective Pin campaigns. Business is able to work with Marketing Partners that are specialized in Advertising, Content Marketing, Audiences, Measurement and Creative.

7. Advertising Guidelines

It is highly IMPORTANT to carefully read Pinterest Advertising guidelines before you start promoting your content on Pinterest. You will want to make sure that your ads follow their guidelines

8. Bulk Sheet Interests – shareable list of all interests

A very useful list that contains all Pinterest Interests, that are available for targeting in advertising.

So there you have it. Here’s are the 8 tools that every Pinterest advertiser should be using.

Have any of your own? 👇Please write them down the comments below.👇


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